Hi! I'm Alexander Cobleigh, aka cblgh.

I'm an independent researcher and currently part of the Dat Consortium and the European Secure Scuttlebutt Consortium. I'm the current editor of the Secure Scuttlebutt Consortium's Newsletter, as well as one of the main developers of Cabal, a peer-to-peer group chat, which I took the initiative on in April of 2018.

I'm also finishing up research into subjective moderation systems, which I detail in my soon-to-be-published Master's Thesis work TrustNet.

I quit my job at the end of 2019 to focus on combining usability with peer-to-peer applications and ideas.

If you support the vision of the work I've been lucky to have been part of so far, or enjoy stuff like:

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Thank you for your consideration and your time,