backup of botpad (which, as of 2016-09-05, is dead) from 2015-03-11
an excellent collection of community compiled resources

bot making frameworks (a ruby based framework for making markov twitter bots) (a python-based framework for making interactive twitter bots) (node.js bot utilities) (barebones example bot, made in javascript + node.js) (php bot scripts) (Python utility to authenticate a Twitter account against an app on another account) (Ruby utility to authenticate a Twitter account against an app on another account) (Ruby based framework for Twitter bots including auth)

platform & api documentation (twitter api docs and such) (create an app for your bot acc & get api access) (python 2.7 api for twitter) (another python api for twitter)

bot text manipulation resources (a collection of python libraries for text manipulation) ("a language for adding rich variations to text") (python-based natural language and web scraping tools) (python-based natural language tools) (heavyweight java program/library for more advanced NLP) ("lets you filter strings for bad words") (a hosted collaborative wordfilter, based on twitter's trending topics) (javascript library/headless browser for automating things and taking screenshots of webpages)
[TODO: add resources for image  Accept: */*bot things as well!]

bot food (info dumps of various sorts) (this contains a loooooot of various info dumps; it is great!) (api for e.g. getting definitions of words, or finding related words) ("a node library for searching through the top ~100 ebooks on project gutenberg") (api for access to all manner of audio, text, and images on (api for "common sense" knowledge) (api for everything star wars) (a *big* info dump containing quotes, their author & category) (dumps of wikipedia) (dumps of freebase: a graph of topics with attributes and relations between them) (a heck of a lot of out-of-copyright books) (token histogram from english wikipedia) (zillions of web pages. not for the faint of heart) (various CMU datasets) (MLR@UCI - machine learning repository / machine learning archive; "created as an ftp archive in 1987.") "complements the original UCI Machine Learning Archive , which typically focuses on smaller classification-oriented data sets." "PewResearch Internet Project" (various AWS datasets) ( (provides source text + extracted and classified keywords from popular Project Gutenburg books)

bot writing (ideas, ethics, etc.) ("two archetypes of bots") ("Bots Should Punch Up") (on image bots, copyright & ownership) (several short posts on various twitter bots) (aphorism detection) (some basic twitter bot ethics) (a talk about building simple twitter bots using the chatterbot ruby gem. Slides and source code provided.)

bot making-ofs (@_all_of_us_) (@TheBotOfMormon) (@eventuallybot) (project in making one bot a week over the course of a year)

bot community & people (a budding bot taxonomy) (weekly newsletter for everything bots) (video of Bot Summit, an event for botmakers)
#botally on freenode (you can e.g. use to connect and say hi :3) collects the various resources, tutorials, libraries, and source code around making and running twitter art bots

links to links with links (lots of resources and links for bot-related stuff) (lots of links to completed bots)