Articles I’ve written at one point or another. Typically, they start out as entries in my wiki, later becoming published when brought up frequently enough during conversations.

peer-to-peer commercialization

observations on trends in the peer-to-peer space, questions on expected futures, and a bite-sized essay on community infrastructure

social media computer

obstructing social media use to increase its utility: an experience report

resetting credentials

a novel password reset system


master’s thesis research into subjective, trust-based moderation systems

the habit tracker

a paper habit tracker for the entire year

four nights in tornio

a tale of a meetup in a small town in the northern-most part of the world

sourdough process

brief notes on my sourdough process

the pomodoro work week

the work-week revisioned

human changelogs

tracking habits and how they change over time


some notes on how my work is supported